What We Do

When SNAP endorses a candidate, we don’t simply cut them a $5,000 check that disappears as fast as a 30-second television ad. Instead, we provide each endorsed candidate with at least two full-time, funded field organizers (SNAP Organizing Fellows) for June through August of the election year. A typical team of two SNAP organizers represents an in-kind donation of $5,000 to the endorsed campaign. SNAP provides all Fellows with need-based stipends and thorough training before they are placed on campaigns (we require campaigns to provide the Fellows with supporter housing).

The SNAP Organizing Fellowship thus is an investment in the progressive movement today and tomorrow: we help elect congressional candidates around the country while providing training and experience to young activists who will be leaders of the next generation of progressives

Our endorsements are non-partisan and based on candidates’ positions on a number of issues: economics and tax policy, energy and the environment, choice and reproductive justice, LGBTQ rights, labor issues, and foreign policy. We only endorse in competitive races.