2012 Candidates

Some brief information about our 2012 Candidates is listed below:

Tammy Baldwin:
-first openly gay Senator
-Wisconsin's first female Senator 
-lead sponsor of the Buffet rule
Elizabeth Warren:
-fights to protect the right to vote
-works to expand affordable housing
-sponsored legislation against Hobby Lobby
Chris Murphy:
-fights to expand sex ed and family planning resources
-pushes to invest in renewable energy
-cares deeply about human rights oversees
Ami Bera
-wants to stand up to big oil
-pushes to invest in stem cell research
-concerned with protecting medicare
Chris Donovan:
-passionate about social justice
-wants to keep corporate money out of government
-advocate for environmental justice
David Gill:
-working to make education more accessible, more funding
-fights to extend medicare to all americans
-focused on protecting collective bargaining rights
Martin Heinrich:
-advocate of tribal communities
-cosponsored the bipartisan farm bill
Tim Kaine:
-supports raising min wage
-focus on expanding emergency unemployment benefits
Anne Kuster:
-an original cosponsor of employment non-discriminatipn act
-works to improve the healthcare law and make it more expansive
Joe Miklosi:
-will work to preserve environment
-focus on economic growth and reestablishing american dream
Patrick Murphy:
-fights for healthcare expansion
-strong advocate for the environment
-works to protect the interests of middle class Floridians
Manan Trivedi:
-focus on making education more affordable
-works to protect reproductive rights
-fights to make the us energy independent
Rob Zerban:
-will increase minimum wage
-will protect women’s choice in all domains
-will protect privacy rights
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