Chris Murphy: CT-SEN

ChrisMurphy150.jpgChris Murphy has been a bold progressive voice on foreign policy since he was first elected to Congress with SNAP’s help in 2006. After ousting a 24-year incumbent, Chris has been a vocal member of the House Foreign Affairs committee, calling for an end to the war in Afghanistan and vigorously opposing FISA. But foreign policy isn’t the only area where Murphy has shined, as he’s been a progressive leader on labor issues and the environment as well.

We believe that Chris will make an incredible Senator and will be one of the leading liberal voices in a chamber that is desperately lacking progressive energy. His likely opponent, Linda McMahon, is just another corporate-controlled regressive Republican who favors more tax breaks for the rich and opposes important policy solutions like cap-and-trade and card check.


In addition, Chris knows the value of grassroots campaigning, and has been a long-time support of SNAP’s grassroots mission. Here’s what he had to say about us at an event in 2011:

We know Chris will be a leader in the Senate – that is why we backed him right out of the gate.

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