Ilya Sheyman: IL-10


Today, we’re proud to announce our endorsement of Ilya Sheyman in the race to represent Illinois 10th congressional district. Ilya has been spending months now running exactly the kind of campaign we like to get behind – a true people-powered grassroots effort to elect a bold progressive voice to Congress. This is a seat that Democrats can flip from red to blue this cycle, and when they do, we want to make sure that the 10th district has a representative that will always side with the interests of working people.

Ilya has a tremendous story – he came to this country as a Jewish refugee of the Soviet Union, was educated in our public school, and became a member of the United Food and Commercial Workers at his first job. He since was a driving force behind progressive political organizations like and Democracy for America, and then returned home to help organize and improve the community that enabled him to achieve so much – and he’s done this all at the age of 25.

Ilya’s experience with online and grassroots will make him a uniquely talented leader in the House, where he’ll be able to mobilize the national progressive community to support bills to invest in jobs, enact new Wall Street reforms, and offer Medicare to all Americans. Ilya’s the right candidate, and this is the right time for the 10th district to elect a real leader to Congress.