Meet Cody Hooks

Cody_Hooks.jpgCody was one of our 2010 fellows who worked on Secretary of State Elaine Marshall’s campaign for the Senate in North Carolina. While Elaine’s general election campaign came up short, the experience Cody gained in the primary helped him make the leap from a student concerned about the environment to a serious campus activist, as he shared with us in an update following his return to school.


Since getting back to campus this fall, I’ve been involved in all manner of activism on campus.  I’m a co-president of the Yale Student Environmental Coalition, and have done a lot of work to get more community interaction around issues of environmental, economic, social, and food justice.  As a board member of Fierce Advocates, Yale’s only queer group dedicated to political activism and community service, I’ve been involved in mentoring New Haven Gay-Straight Alliances, as well as hosting a Pride Prom specifically for queer youth and their allies.  When there has been action, I’ve marched and picketed with workers fighting for backpay, as well as graduate students/employees fighting for recognition of their union and more supportive policies for their academic work.  My run with SNAP PAC may be over, but my activism never is.

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