Meet Elaine Cartas

Elaine Cartas is a member of the 2010 SNAP Fellowship class, having worked on Roxanne Conlin’s Iowa Senate campaign against incumbent Chuck Grassley. Elaine is a first-generation college graduate, having received her degree from University of California at Irvine shortly before leaving to head out for Iowa. She loved her experience working for Ms. Conlin so much that she stayed on staff after her fellowship ended, working as a full-time organizer for the Conlin campaign through election day in November. Since the 2010 election ended, Elaine has worked on a variety of campaigns in California at both the local and congressional level, raising money and coordinating volunteers for another wave of progressive leaders.

During the end of the summer on the Conlin campaign, Elaine wrote to us about her experiences in the office.

Ten weeks. It doesn’t even feel like ten weeks. It feels like I’ve been a field organizer my whole life. Every morning, I wake up excited – thrilled to see our volunteers. It is the volunteers that make my 11 hour day go by quickly. Each one is filled with enthusiasm, a quirky personality, and great stories about why they support Roxanne Conlin. I’ve been able to start developing wonderful relationships with each of them. Then there’s the love and hate relationship I have with the VAN. I can assure you, it wasn’t love at first sight – but I am starting to fall in love with the benefits of the VAN.

Within ten weeks, we’ve been able to reach 300 volunteers and each week our volunteers make thousands of calls. There’s still more to accomplish. Thus, I’ve decided to stay till November fighting for Roxanne Conlin, and more importantly for all Progressives.


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