Meet Kara Schmidt

Have you seen Wisconsin’s 7th Congressional district? It’s huge — almost half the state huge.  As in, a four-hour drive from east to west and a five-hour drive north to south. But Kelly Westlund was excited to take on that challenge, and so I was inspired to do what I could to help her run for Congress.

There is no place like Wisconsin’s 7th. Not only did I get to spend my summer canvassing on the south shore of Lake Superior, marching in 4th of July parades in the heart of the north woods, and attending fundraisers at farms that served fresh, locally grown foods, but I got to do all of those things alongside one of the hardest working candidates in the country. Kelly worked tirelessly to meet as many constituents in her 26-county district as possible, to fundraise, to debate, and to always put her best foot forward. I am grateful to take away from my experience a lifelong role model.


Before joining the campaign, I knew I wanted to work for Kelly Westlund and do what I could to help my home state and the nation move in a more progressive direction. I just didn’t know I could do that. SNAP equipped me with the knowledge I needed to be a successful field organizer and provided the financial help I needed. I gained the confidence to cold call people, the courage to knock on thousands of doors, the ambition to help open up one of the key field offices, the flexibility to adjust as needed without a meltdown, and an appreciation for how hard everyone on the campaign trail works.

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