Meet Zachary Stringer

Zach StringThere is no place like New Hampshire when it comes to politics. Every two years Granite Staters head to the polls to elect a governor, their state’s 424 member legislature, and members of the U.S. House of Representatives. Victories in those races are not possible without the selfless sacrifice and countless hours of the thousands of volunteers throughout the state working hard to secure the future they want to see for their homes and families. As a field organizer, I was continuously in awe of their dedication and efforts to move New Hampshire forward. I entered New Hampshire with very little knowledge of field organizing and even less knowledge of the political history of the First Congressional District besides what I read online.


How could I, an Arizonan with a desire to progress our country forward, help Representative Carol Shea-Porter win reelection in a state that was foreign to me? That question consistently came to mind during the first of eleven weeks in the state where the motto is “Live Free or Die.”

Emboldened by the state’s motto, I decided that I would not give in nor be paralyzed by doubt. I would take up my training from SNAP PAC as my sword and shield and use it to be a gladiator for the congresswoman.

During my eleven weeks of work — and also fun — I met countless people, like Connie from the small town of Farmington and Walter from the suburbs of Rochester, who shared with me their passion of politics and desire to see Congresswoman Shea-Porter reelected. They were just two of my many energizers who kept me going to advocate for the person who would fight for them. Despite not staying until the General Election in November, I know I was able to leave an impression on the volunteers and fellow field organizers while also gaining a lot from them.Though my time with SNAP was short-lived, my work is not yet finished. I will continue to use the training I obtained to advocate for progressives in my home state of Arizona and throughout the country. Politics is what interests me; activism is what keeps me going.

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