Rob Zerban: WI-01

RobZerban150.jpgTaking on Representative Paul Ryan is no easy task – there are few people within the Republican Party who leadership has worked so hard to protect than the young chairman of the House Committee on the Budget. But after seeing Rep. Ryan offer up another budget that would destroy our countries most important social services and shift even more wealth towards those already in the top 1%, Rob Zerban said enough is enough.

Rob hasn’t been just running a campaign to represent Wisconsin’s 1st district – he’s been fighting hard on key progressive policies every step of the way. When members of Congress wanted to enact the Stop Online Piracy Act, a piece of legislation that would’ve stripped millions of Americans of their privacy and rights while they use the internet, Zerban led a grassroots movement against the bill, and forced enough pressure on Representative Ryan to make him come out against the bill, and ultimately led to the bill’s failure.


We have seen Rob’s ability to take up the mantle on core progressive issues, and it is for precisely that reason that we know he will be such a strong advocate of Wisconsin voters, and progressives across the country. With the same grassroots spirit that led him into this race, we can rid of one of the Republican Party’s shining stars, and replace him with a progressive star of our own.