Staci Appel: IA-03

Staci Appel (IA-03)

Students for a New American Politics PAC (SNAP PAC) is pleased to announce its endorsement of Staci Appel in Iowa’s Third Congressional District. Two SNAP Fellows—passionate, young individuals selected from a highly competitive national applicant pool—will spend the summer working on the campaign as fully trained Field Organizers.

Appel’s deep ties to Iowans and progressive positions have already earned her the support of EMILY’s List and the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee through the Red to Blue program. SNAP is excited to join these organizations in helping elect a leader committed to protecting food stamps and family farms, improving access to education for all, and closing corporate tax loopholes.

“Our campaign is thrilled to have the endorsement of SNAP PAC and can’t wait to have the SNAP Fellows join us in Iowa, as part of our field team, continuing the conversations with our growing number of grassroots supporters across the 3rd district,” said Appel.

As a state lawmaker, Appel established herself as a champion for women, children, and workers. During her tenure in the Iowa State Senate, she led the effort to make Iowa a national leader in adopting the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act. She also played an integral role in passing legislation that provided early childhood education for all.

“Appel’s depth of experience as the Assistant Majority Leader of the Iowa State Senate and her commitment to progressive values make her uniquely qualified to represent Iowa’s third district in Congress,” said SNAP PAC Political Director Jacob Wolf-Sorokin. “We’re excited to support an Iowa grassroots movement mobilizing to send a new voice to Congress.”

As a supporter of equal opportunity for all, Appel will help advance the interests of residents of Iowa’s Third District and Americans across the country. To learn more about SNAP PAC, please click here. For more information about Staci Appel, visit 


About Staci Appel

Born and raised in Iowa, married for 16 years, and mother to six kids, Staci Appel calls rural Ackworth, Iowa home.

Staci took her deep Iowa roots, and her equally deep commitment to Iowa families to the State Senate in 2006 where she fought for Iowa’s backbone – middle-class families, farmers and small-business owners. During Staci’s time in the Iowa Senate, legislators took notice of her steadfast commitment to the people she served. Senate Majority Leader Mike Gronstal said, “I have never seen a freshman legislator come down to the capital and work as hard as Staci Appel.”

Despite Staci’s accomplishments in the Senate, she too fell victim to the giant Tea Party wave of 2010, losing to a Tea Party darling. But in 2014, Staci will take her long-standing record of doing what’s right for Iowa and win this open seat in November.