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 At SNAP, we’re passionate about electing great candidates and training talented fellows – that’s why we spend almost all of our money exclusively on fellowship stipends. Since our founding, SNAP has raised over $200,000 and 88% of that has been spent directly on fellowship stipends.

As we continue to expand the fellowship program to more students, we’ve been ever more determined to give our donors a return on their investment that is unprecedented in political campaigns. In the 2012 election cycle, SNAP spent only 1.2% of receipts on administrative costs. Nearly 99% of your gifts go directly towards funding a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for our fellows.

Moreover, if you share our vision of electing a truly progressive Congress, and believe in the power of grassroots organizing, then SNAP offers the best return – not a penny of your gift is going towards over-produced TV ads or glossy mailers.

And after the election is over, your contribution is still building the progressive movement – the opportunity we offer our fellows will give them the experience they need to continue a career championing progressive causes and electing progressive candidates. Not only does your contribution help the best candidate get across the finish line in 1st, it represents an unprecedented investment in the future of the progressive movement.

We’re working hard every day to put more young people in the field than ever before, and elect a new wave of progressive members of Congress, but we can’t do it alone - will you stand with us and make a gift today?

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